WHEN: Sunday, 1st August 2021.  

WHERE: Ferndale House,  Gt North Road,  Mount Albert.

TIME: 1.45 pm  for 2 pm start.

Program: With special guest speaker Ross Bicknell of Christchurch. 

Presentation the history and growing of Pleione orchids.

Covering their origins, cultivation, and current progress in breeding these plants.

PLUS, he will have Pleione plants for sale!

For more information please read the attached newsletter below.

June 2021 Newsletter 


NZOS Subscription Renewal
And yes, it is that time again.
We did not ask for a subscription last year due to the uncertainty with Covid, but hopefully as this year progresses, we will get back to normal again.
Cheques are being phased out by most banks this year, as it is with our bank, so we can no longer accept payment by this method.

Membership Renewal
The subscription for the 2021 – 2022 year is due by April 30th 2021.
There are no forms to fill out unless your details have changed.
Please pay your $30 by cash at the meeting or preferably by direct credit to our

Bank account number  06-0115-0179194-00
And remember, you cannot vote at the AGM unless you are a current financial member.



Welcome to The New Zealand Orchid Society Incorporated.

Our society is dedicated to the appreciation, preservation and cultivation of orchids.

Here you can find the latest news and information about our organisation, and what we do.

In our gallery, you will find pictures of our members plants and awarded plants.

Phal. Hsinying-Leopard 'Ken' HCC/NZOS

Owner: B.J.Main Year: 2014

Paph. Norito Hasegawa-Shellnick-AM/NZOS

Owner: Chris Whitby Year: 2013